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Crew 1, Tons , View cruises. For a little extra. Headliners Theatre. Included in the price. Headliners Theatre introduces a new era of on-board entertainment. With its stunning LED backdrop, the theatre offers a dynamic and uniquely immersive experience. The Cookery Club. The Live Lounge. Blue Bar. Nothing beats a lazy morning or a relaxed afternoon, coffee and magazine in hand. Java offers an open-air terrace, comfy seating, and a tempting selection of pastries and Costa Coffee.

In oppulent surrounds, savour authentic Indian cuisine with a British twist. Sundaes ice cream bar. The Epicurean. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary gastronomic journey to the very heart of fine dining. The Retreat. Splashers childrens' club year olds. Splashers is our club exclusively for guests aged between 2 and 4.

There are slides and toys, books and activities Surfers childrens' club year olds. For guests between the ages of 5 and 8, we have Surfers. Your little Surfer will be able to play computer games, watch movies, run around our soft play area, create a puppet show Scubas Children's Club year olds. H2O Children's Club year olds. H2O is where teenagers 13 to17 year olds can hang out and make friends.

Afternoon Tea by Eric Lanlard. For the ultimate indulgence, Afternoon Tea by Eric Lanlard simply has to be experienced. The Beach House. Family Cruises. Repositioning Cruises. Romantic Cruises. Plummage 1 Review Written. Absolutely fabulous! Sail Date: March Firstly so glad we booked a Premium flight from Newcastle, great service and good food and drinks.

Read More. Embarkation in Barbados was swift. We were met on the tarmac by mini buses and we were on the ship in 50 minutes! Our cases were delivered at about 9pm. So about 4 hours later but we had a meal and wandered around the ship so it was not a problem. Brittania was a beautiful ship, took us a day or two to get used to the ares but a bit of effort and patience with lifts especially was all that was needed. Our balcony cabin E was lovely. Balcony was big enough to sit out and watch other ships sail away and to sun bathe. Fabulous bed so very comfortable and big!

Great to have tea and coffee making facilities in the cabin and a fridge with cold drinks payable locally. Our steward took good care of us. We had Freedom dining and always got a nice table for two around 6. Choice was always good and service very quick. The evening entertainment was enough for us, resident band Pulse were ok, shows were of a fair standard, musicals and a well known illusionist act.

But best by far was La Voix in the Limelight club. Around the ship on sea days was busy as was to be expected but we always got beds round the pool, although the music was very repetitive and sometimes loud. But cooling off in the pools was fab. The entertainment crew put on an aqua robics class which looked exhausting but fun. We had booked to swim with stingray in Antigua and it was spectacular! A must for nature lovers. Speedboat our to a landing bay and then a good hour snorkelling with them.

Very cool! We were able to hold them too. Best beach was Barbados and St Maarten. Both by taxi and both worth the trip. In St Lucia we did the Rainforest trip which was great and it did rain! Aruba was the nicest port we thought and had a lovely morning walking round the town.

The Captain made a nice speech and cut a big cake. It was very easy to leave the ship at every port, some town centres were further than others but walkable. Taxis galore and very reliable. We had a lady drive us to a beach in a Mercedes 4 x 4, very elegant!! Disembarkation was easier for us as we booked a day room, we were leaving at 2. But overall a bit of hanging around, to be expected, when 5 flights leaving. Barbados airport easy and a fab flight home to a freezing morning in Newcastle!

Read Less. Balcony cabin A, deck We chose this cruise as we have always wanted to sail across the Atlantic. Transfered from the airport directly to the ship the first night was spent on the ship in port at Bridgetown before sailing the following evening; this gave us a day to look around Bridgetown. Check-in was fairly swift. Upon boarding the ship there was the usual photographer but other than that, no welcome drinks or anyone to direct everyone to the lifts for the cabins, in contrast to our previous experiences. None of the warm welcomes we have received with a number of other cruise lines.

First impressions was of a ship that was rather plain and dull in appearance; the atrium could be any hotel or shopping centre and the long aisles on the passenger decks were totally devoid of any art work or decoration making it look very clinical. Our cabin was clean and adequate, everything in good working order an the bed was comfortable. I couldn't help but feel it seemed like a Premier Inn room not that there is anything wrong with that!

Our cabin steward was excellent throughout the cruise; she was very welcoming, friendly and gave an excellent service throughout; always knowing when we were out of the cabin to do her work. She also gave us lots of advice about the ship. The cabin stewards probably work harder than anyone else on the ship and deserve recognition. The sailaway party on the upper deck was well organised but had a completely British feel and the music played was very predictable!

We had chose Freedom Dining at the time of booking. We stuck this for the first 3 nights but were very disappointed with the service in both the Meridian and Peninsular dining rooms at night. Eventhough they were not busy, the staff seems totally disinterested in us. Very poor and not our experience on any of our previous cruises or other cruise lines. We asked to be transferred to Club Dining at the sitting to which they agreed and we were put on a table of 4 other people.

In the Oriental Restaurant ther service was very good and efficient; the food in the evening - I though was just ok better some days than others but all the menus had a very British feel! The food and service in there was excellent, almost hard to believe it was on the same ship!

This felt like the cruises of yesteryear and was the highlight of the dining experiences. We also tried the Horizon buffet on one evening and the food was generally very good. The Horizon buffet restaurant is a bit noisy and chaotic. To me, the layout and appearance of the Horizon Restaurant, with the tables all neatly arranged in rows, almost gave the feel of being on a large ferry rather than a cruise ship; just lacking the style and sophistication of other ships. One thing I noticed is that they never seemed to wash the outside windows of the public areas when in port eventhough there is an automated system to do this.

It was done after arriving back in Southampton obviously since everywhere had become salted-up after the trans-Atlantic crossing. The Headliners theatre company and the Albion Band performed to a very high standard in all of their performances; they are all very competent professional vocalists, dancers and musicians. Enjoyed all of the performances despite the fact that most were of a very British theme!

The other music gigs were all very good and some exceptional. I went to the series of talks on the sea days about the British SAS. It became a bit drawn out, a couple of talks would have been sufficient with the speaker's incessant pacing to-and-fro across the stage. Good thing the audience was essentially British as for an International audience this topic could have been bordering on the unacceptable level! The crossing over the Atlantic saw calm seas for most of the time. There was one day, after the Azores where there was moderate seas as described by the captain that lasted for about 24 hours; I thought that Britannia sailed the rougher waters very smoothly without much disruption but it should be noted that I enjoy this anyway, lol!

There was a medical emergency a few hours after departing Ponta Delagada and the captain took the decison to return to port, keeping everyone well informed of the situation a very unfortunate and worst case scenario for the person that took ill; thank God that this did not occur mid-Atlantic. Taking everything into account - I enjoyed the cruise, particularly the Atlantic crossing. Lovely place and we were blessed with unbroken sunshine and a calm day. For me, Britannia lacks the buzz, style, sophistication and wow factor of other ships or other cruise lines.

Surely travel is about new cultures and experiences? I don't know what foreign guests would make of this?

P&O Britannia Cruise Ship Offers

Maybe cuises are just becoming like any other package holiday as that is what Britannia feels like to me, not really a flagship of the company. Indeed, we have already booked several more trips over the next year and a half. Britannia - luxury flagship? Good value holiday cruise ship? The guests in our adjacent cabin mentioned to us that it felt like a holiday camp such as Butlins.

I have never been to Butlins but I will take their word for it! Essex Man 4 Reviews Written. Dumbing down a bit, but still okay! The price at least for us included a Thomas Cook charter flight The price at least for us included a Thomas Cook charter flight from Gatwick to Barbados, transfer to ship and at the end of the voyage in Southampton, a free coach taking us back to Gatwick to collect the car. This also applied to those who had flown from Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Bournemouth. The transfers worked very well. The large cabins have a sofa to sit on rather than a single chair and are about 14sq.

This meant we had time to sample the delights of Bridgetown on the Saturday. Some opted for excursions, but there is enough to do and see in Bridgetown independently. The town is approx. Many from the ship either walked to the nearest beach, or took a taxi. Ship excursions were anecdotally more expensive than making a bargain with one of the numerous taxi drivers just outside the terminal gates. At each place the inevitable market stalls were in abundance, but all worthwhile and easy enough.

Could have probably done with more time at each stop. If we went again, we would only go here and spend half a day - there are numerous bars and restaurants and quite a lot to see, or just pass the time. Ponta Delgada. Again, did our own thing walking to the botanical gardens and the covered newish shopping centre set above the lower town, about a minute walk from the quay. Much has been written before about the weird central lift and stairs arrangements where you cannot go from top to bottom by the stairs alone.

We understand this is being rectified in her late refit. Food in the main restaurants Freedom Dining for us was only Harvester or Holiday Inn standard to be honest. On the two Marco Pierre White themed nights, they just about managed to do a decent Beef Wellington, but the second so called half-lobster offering was dismal. It seemed they had scooped the meat out of the shells, mixed it into a sort of saucy potato mash and re-inserted - very poor. If you wanted something rather more exceptional for dinner, then you had to pay and that seemed to be the general conclusion. Sindhu, The Glass House and The Beach House were all used by us and are extremely good value and super food in all of them.

We did not try The Epicurean, which seemed very expensive in comparison to the other alternatives. Buffet was decent enough. My wife rarely complains, but it looked like someone had vomited over the plate when served in the seated dining room. Entertainment was generally so-so, but the FlyRights guest act was very good. The speakers included a decent enough ex-SAS guy who regaled us with stories of daring, training etc; someone else who seemed obsessed with discussing murders, murderers and hangings such as Ruth Ellis, Crippen, Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe etc.

In other words, apart from the SAS guy, not exactly scintillating. Cabin was kept spotless and our steward was well worth the personal tip on disembarkation day. Formal Nights — most made the effort to match the dress code but some did not, perhaps trying to make a statement about their independence?

In summary, it was what we expected. We are booked on Ventura again later this year for the Canaries having booked that cruise last year. It is now much dearer we note. Booking another cruise onboard? Good enough for us! Some lovely islands. We chose this cruise for the itinerary and dates. We have never cruised with P and O before and are unlikely to do so again. We upgraded our flights with TUI which was money well spent.

We were through check-in and security at Gatwick in We were through check-in and security at Gatwick in no time at all and the flight was very good. Transfer to the ship was also good. Our cabin was ok,the balcony and bathroom were smaller than we have experienced on other ships. The muster drill was a complete shambles. This cruise has people embarking at different times and in two different ports, therefore when we were called for our drill there were people trying to enjoy a drink in the bar area that we had been assigned to.

This was exacerbated when we tried to get back to our cabin. Everyone was trying to get to the lifts at the same time, and there are no stairs by the middle set of lifts. The design of this ship is frustrating, having to go up a couple of floors and then down again to get to another part of the same deck is beyond belief. Dining was a mixed experience: the Horizon self service or the 'push and shove' as we called it was poor, food selection was poor, very few staff available for drink orders, therefore we rarely ate in there.

Peninsular was ok for lunch, Meridian was ok for dinner, Oriental was our choice for breakfast, service however was slow. Epicurean was not worth the money, chewy steak! Sindhu was excellent. Limelight club was very good and the Glass House was excellent. The entertainment in the Headliners theatre was not to our taste.

Shore excursions were very good, enjoyed the bike ride in St. Maarten, and the Caribbean cuisine in St. Overall an enjoyable cruise. Britannia - Could do Better. The main meal was good and the afternoon tea was a small roll and a scone, staffs were very helpful throughout the flight.

Transfer to the ship was delayed but quick and easy boarding when we got there. Bags handed in at BHX delivered to our door before we returned from Diner at Room First impression of the room was poor, we paid for what we thought was a good cabin but this turned out to be a cramped area with totally inadequate storage, one rail, 4 small shelves and three small drawers. The bathroom was functional but again lacking any space. The balcony is very cramped.

We did get used to the room but not to the extent of suggesting it is worth the cost. Facilities and Dining This is a huge ship with lots of venues, bars, casino, Spa and Gym, 4 main dining rooms, and 4 specialty restaurants. The Salad Bar rarely varied. Excursions Best advice is do not book ships excursions which are much more expensive than local tours and taxis.

Expensive compared to other ports we visited. Curacao It was a Public Holiday so everywhere was closed. We walked from the Port into town over the floating bridge and had a few drinks by the Harbour. The few shops that were open were expensive but it was one of the cleanest and most welcoming ports we visited. Nice Bars and Cafes round the harbour. We walked to the Wilhelmina Park at the end of town to see the iguanas. Again a friendly place to visit. The city is very rough and a bit of a shock to those less travelled, several guests we spoke to, started off into town but returned to the ship when they got to Front Street.

Castries, St Lucia One of the Gems of the trip we did a full day tour with Cosol Tours, Cassius was our guide and I think the owners of the company which had about 10 nice air conditioned minibuses. Our 2nd stop was a view point and our first drink of the day Water, Beer, Soft Drinks or Rum Punch offered at all stops. Drinks were freely available. We had an hour on the beach before the return boat trip; a drink was waiting back at the bus.

We then set of to visit the Mud Pools to bathe or the optional Volcano Tour, swimwear is a must, and you are invited to keep on your wet gear for the short drive to the waterfalls, for a second chance to rinse the mud of. The final stop on the tour is a stop for hot local bread and cheese with more drinks. The trip is expensive but everything bar the snorkel gear was included in the price and it has got to be the best way to see and enjoy sights of St Lucia.

I can only add my thanks to our outstanding guide Cassius, and add another totally unreserved recommendation to the many which Cosol Tours have on Tripadvisor, Cruise Critic etc. There were lots of tours on offer and the round the island is worth a tour. We had an extensive tour and the devastation caused by the hurricane is everywhere, the amazing work being done to bring the island back to an upmarket paradise is astonishing.

The driver provided a running tour on all aspects of Island life. Great visit. We had a running commentary on all aspects of the history flora and fauna.

Britannia Cruises

The tour lasted well over 4 hours and Jerome gave us an excellent insight into life on the island. Well worth booking on the internet prior to your visit. The flight back was uneventful with an evening meal and a breakfast muffin, neither of which we enjoyed. Only 1 alcoholic drink was offered and wine with the meal. Oceanz11 1 Review Written. We chose the cruise for the itinerary.

We are experienced cruisers having cruised with Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity frequently over the last 20 years so feel qualified to make a fair comparison. Britannia, unfortunately, is Britannia, unfortunately, is nowhere near being in the same league. It is overcrowded and understaffed. The crew seemed tired and unmotivated. Service in the restaurants was poor, slow and unapologetic. Food was unadventurous. Public areas were less than clean, open decks were sticky underfoot and there were noisy blowers drying damp-smelling carpets every day, even in the buffet restaurant during lunch.

Entertainment was dire, downmarket and very holiday camp in style. If so, they are on the right track. We, however, will be returning to those cruise lines who know how to provide good quality, excellent service and proper cruising. BangBangle 1 Review Written. Sunshine and warm winds. The weather did not fail to please. Found entertainment lame. Also, the baby prawns should have been peeled as they were on the buffet with poo still in them Tomatoes not Also, the baby prawns should have been peeled as they were on the buffet with poo still in them Tomatoes not available after the first week.

Did not like the look of the beans. Also cauliflower cheese mushy. You should steam cauliflower not boil it. Only in use when everyone wanted to use it. Mayonnaise and vinegar in sachets should bein containers as very mucky to tear open. Onshore was fine found friends and guides. Out on deck late looking at the star's, the staff treated you like a weirdo, walking past and saying hello in a worried voice. Yet staff where allowed. Asked for a large size tee shirt for deck walk, only small size avail, as they could not be bothered to go and fetch larger tee shirt from the stock room.

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Gym nice. On leaving the ship. Had to wait 3 hours at the airport for plain stuck in departures no chance for a smoke or a cheap drink. Onshore great onboard not so good if you are single you tend to get patronized I am an independent lady. I love to dance and sing along. In my own way.

Only here they like puppets dance and everyone to do the same dance. Sorry did not like and also pool light turned off as I was playing on my own late. Could not sleep in the dismal cabin so I was out and about, up late. Lots more to depress me but onshore made up for the dirty old ship. Also, the customers were the best.

Nice friendly lot. MarieNicho 1 Review Written. I have been on 12 previous cruises with most of the other cruise lines. First the positives. Good flight. I loved the fact you check in and don't see your suitcases until they arrive at your I loved the fact you check in and don't see your suitcases until they arrive at your cabin. Likewise on the return trip. Cases taken the evening before and next time we saw them was at Gatwick.

I also like the process of getting off the plane, onto a coach and not going through the hectic Barbados immigration process. The embarkation process was quick and efficient and on the ship in no time at all, despite there being queues on arrival. Furthermore the disembarkation process was painless.

I also liked that we could stay on board until our afternoon pick up. So could enjoy the day at the pool. It was the biggest ship they have been on. The deco in the cabin was average although fully equipped and spotlessly clean. Our steward quickly introduced herself and said if we require anything not to hesitate to ask. The beds were comfy and we had a good night sleep. Although, my only grip was, there were only back lights and no individual bedside lamp.

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In order to read I had to have all the lights on at night. This I found awkward particularly as my other half doesn't read at night. I was surprised there was no USB ports especially as it's only 4 years old!! Our food was great and ate mainly in the Horizon buffet or the Peninsular. Our service in the Peninsular was outstanding and nothing was too much trouble for our waiter Nasir. Especially as the other half is a fussy eater.

We had Freedom dining and there was 10 of us at every meal. We only had to wait 15 mins on one occasion. Our Waiter was fantastic. The gym was well equipped which members of our party who are regular gym goers said it was great. We liked the pools, however, this is where things become a bit fraught. My first negative, in our party we had four thirty year olds and 4 children, ages 4,5,8 and The elderly regular cruisers didn't like the younger children. My grandchildren played all day in the pools and if they dared splashed they were told off by the elderly women.

Now, I could understand if they were laying on the sunbeds but they were sat at the edge of the pool. The first few times we ignored them but on one occasion I had to remind them that the pool is for everyone and if they didn't want to be around children they should go to the adults pool. This didn't go down well. Another elderly gentleman told my son off for splashing his little daughter in the pool.

Apparently his wife didn't want to get her hair wet!!! What do you expect sat at the edge of the pool with your feet dangling in there!! This also showed on sea days. The poolside entertainment was at best poor. Old fashioned back ground music, not that that's a problem but they should be catering for all ages. There was very little entertainment except the quizzes, which was dull and mundane. I also felt the quizzes were something to pacify us. The sail away parties were good fun. They would start at 5pm and finish on the dot at 6pm.

Despite the party being in full flow it stopped dead an hour later. I understand the entertainment team has other jobs but it all felt it was going through the motions. One of the sea days I even went to see a film as I was that bored on deck. On other ships the evening entertainment have had spectacular various shows every night. Apart from Astonish show the rest of the time was the same group singing songs from different decades. So for our party we felt that the entertainment team was VERY poor for the size of the ship. The next grip is the midship lack of stairs. How was this thought out?

Lucky for us we were on deck 14 so it was only 2 decks to the lido. If we had stairs we would have walked to this deck but unfortunately the forward and aft stairs were too far away. I understand this is being rectified in the October refit. Their adverts are targeting an older customer. Unlike RCL, Carnival etc who are targeting families. My family have said their next cruise will be on a fun ship and not a geriatric ship. So that's 6 adults and 4 children they have lost.

We had a lovely cruise, fantastic ports, good food but in comparison to other cruise lines poor entertainment. Phil 3 Reviews Written. Did not meet expectations. With the exception of St Vincent the With the exception of St Vincent the itinerary was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the islands that we visited. As with every holiday at whatever price it is normal to question if you had value for money. Did the holiday provider deliver on what was advertised and does it stack up compared with similar holidays.

It is clear that the holiday operator is not responsible for the climatic conditions or anything that is outside their control. The tricky part is writing a review that is balanced: For instance I would not mention that the bed-sheets were clean they were but if they were dirty they were not it would be amiss of me not to mention this.

Therefore the comments in this long review may appear only negative. Flights Lets start at the very beginning of the holiday and the Thomas Cook flight. We decided to upgrade to Premium for the journey as I am tall and really struggle with the economy class seat pitch for longer flights. I was away on business when the midnight timeslot came around to pre-book the seats and when I then looked many had been blocked off. No problem I thought as there are others…. I do not remember seeing an email reminder stating when seats became available….. These are the ones directly behind the bulkhead and have very little legroom.

We did not receive what had been advertised and even suffered shorter legroom than the economy bulkhead seats we were able to see these when we disembarked the aircraft and walked in front of these seats. In fact the middle bulkhead Premium seats had between inches more space than our seats as they were set back a little further from the bulkhead. Food and service on the flight were good and we landed in Barbados only 30 minutes later than the advertised time…..

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The great news is that you leave the aircraft stairs and only walk a few meters to the bus that takes you directly to the port where you check in and straight onto the ship thus avoiding the airport ….. Embarkation was easy with quick service at the check in and we were on the ship in less than 10 minutes from arriving at the port. We like the Retreat as there is some shade and the sunbeds are bigger and far more comfortable than those around the pool areas.

The only real issue we had was that the Retreat opens at On sea days this line is rather long as each person wants to secure sunbeds in the area they particularly like. This was our biggest gripe. The quality of the food included was a little less than average. Lets take average as the quality of food in a Harvester. The food in the buffet was cooked using the cheapest ingredients and mostly lacked flavour and was mostly over-cooked. We only ate twice one lunch and one dinner in the MDR as the food was ok but for my mind not the standard of a reasonable restaurant and we also had difficulty getting a table.

I know it is hard to cater for many hundreds of passengers at the same time and mass catering is never easy especially when there are a number of options and they are trying to offer something different every day. Freedom dining proved to be on both this and our cruise in September anything but. They will give you a bleeper that will vibrate and flash when a table is ready. The evening that we did eat in the MDR this was approx. On another occasion we tried to go approx. Our advice would be to book one of the set dining times as we saw the same thing happen to a number of other guests.

We heard reports that the waiters did not have enough jam at breakfast or equipment and had to wait until other diners had finished before being able to issue jam or marmalade. Apparently the new Head Chef is looking to make a mark with Carnival and the only one the bean counters understand is that of reducing costs, which would account for the quality of the food. By taking this approach the line has steered passengers into paid restaurants, which in turn increases revenue and reduces costs by eliminating meals that were included in the ticket price. We ate in Sindhu once that had food with flavour hooray …..

In the Limelight Club the food was fine and Gareth Gates was finer with a lovely voice that was worth the entrance fee. All other times we ate in the Glasshouse that had great service and freshly cooked and not over-cooked food. We were not the only people to frequently eat here as we saw the same faces many times….. The Retreat also served food at breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea but whilst this sounds wonderful the choices were limited and ran with the usual theme of poor quality and little flavour.

On occasions the offering was different to what was advertised on the on table menus. The cakes were not sweet and the cream was tasteless. I would often pass rather than eat something for the exercise of jaw chomping whilst receiving no excitement for my taste buds. We scrummed down for breakfast and lunch on occasions in the Buffet and found this to be the most disappointing venue. Again the cheapest ingredients with breakfast bacon very salty and cooked in a steam oven that is why it has no browning and the fat has not rendered.

The eggs station was over-whelmed with guests and even if you asked for an omelette to be soft the chef did not understand and still gave you one over-cooked. Breakfast pancakes were cold. There was no ice-cream in the buffet or on the decks and if you wanted ice-cream branded products were available at an extra charge.

Britannia Cruise Ship & Cruise Deals | P&O Cruises

Another thing that was watered down was the salad dressings. Very thin and rarely was there a blue cheese dressing. Room service breakfast was on time 30 minute window which is understandable and warm but using the same poor quality ingredients. Lets talk about something more positive. We had a Superior Balcony Cabin that delivered everything the brochure advertised. Bottle of Champagne; box of chocolates; binoculars and un-expectedly a good range of magazines. Plenty of movies to choose from and you can pause and go back to the same movie a day or so later.

Comfortable bed and an invisible cabin attendant this is a good thing who whilst being stealthy did a great job and the cabin was scrupulously clean throughout the voyage. Just a couple of little issues: the outside balcony windows were not cleaned for the entire fortnight: we had a power cut all power on the ship one night for approx. Another night there was an emergency called through the tannoy and an assement team was sent to one floor but this was apparently a false alarm. On another night we had no water in the bathroom…. Ship General Appearance; For a ship that is only 4 years old the condition of the ship was poor.

The hull had various rust spots and we were surprised to never see anyone painting as other cruise lines do! Further to this you can see where they have previously painted as the paint is not the same colour white and therefore looks patched. If you look in the corners on the decks you will see that these areas are not cleaned properly and the Serenity Swimming Pool has some of the little tiles missing not many but they were still missing the LED strip lighting around the Serenity Pool under the seating around the pool was dropping down and an attempt to hold this up with white tape was failing as the tape was hanging down.

Functionality: The Gym was a disappointment. I cycle and wanted to keep up some fitness whilst away. Only 2 fixed bikes for over 3, guests meant that it was difficult to get on one. The only time that I did the screen did not work effectively and therefore the session was not what I needed. This issue was exacerbated by a poor administration situation. I read in the daily that there was a Spin Class the next day at I arrived at Got seated on a spin bike…..

My name was not on it. It transpires that the clipboard that I had signed to was for a couple of days later. However I did not spot this as the date was in small print opposed the title and the clipboard for that days spin class was not on the table! If it had been I would have seen that it was full and had a wait list. Much has been written on the lift system and deservedly so. Clearly there is an issue with the programing of the lifts……but despite much customer frustration this has not been resolved. Brace yourselves for this as it start as a pint of amusement but it will soon beyond a joke.

Entertainment: The quality of entertainment was very mixed. The theatre must have gone over their budget as they reply on the theatre company for many shows but have not yet found a male lead vocalist who can hold an audience. The staging is good with some excellent sets. The Theatre is a pretty dull place to wait in your seat for the show to start. Other Cruise lines have waiters serving drinks missed that one Carnival Accountants and always entertain with video quizzes or videos relating to the act that you have sat down to see….

Unfortunately very few people used or sat in the room; which in turn must be so demoralizing for the live band that played there each evening. Music around the internal public areas of the ship is rationed. The Crows Nest is a beautiful cocktail bar with the best views on-board. Paul the Pianist must have been on a work to rule. If he did arrive before On at least one occasion he was late. Once he had left it took a while for piped music to be played. The Atrium for most of the early evening is pin drop quiet with no music at all. Lets have a little bit of atmosphere…..

I have already mentioned the cabin steward and the waiting staff in the Glasshouse who were worthy of an extra tip. In every other area the crew were good efficient and friendly……especially if you give them recognition and engage with them. I would like to say the same about the Officers but sadly cannot.

We never saw the Captain around the ship….. However I could see this was not his forte as he did not want to continue to speak when I did start to engage and moved away whilst talking ……. Disembarkation Leaving the ship was well organized. A few days before we were due to leave we received an envelope with a variety of paperwork including the baggage labels and customs forms. There was a very well written guide to filling out the customs forms and a prescribed time to take them to the Live Lounge for these and your passports to be checked and stamped by Barbados officials.

Leaving the ship is the same as any other time and the bus was waiting to take us to the Airport Shore Excursions Curacao: we took a taxi to Mamboo Beach. This beach is man made but is a short taxi ride from the port and they arrange to also pick you up. Whist this is man made the beach is clean and the water warm and safe as there is a breakwater that protects the beach. The Vibe is good and the sun-beds are reasonable to rent. Aruba; another taxi to Palm Beach. Although this is a commercial beach with large hotels adorned along the beach…. Decided to have a walk around Kingstown.

Not the pretty destination you may think but rather downbeat and smelly. Great beach…. A quick run into Marigot Bay was lovely before reaching the Pitons for pictures and then onto a lovely beach. We were picked up at Our ticket price included a fruit punch small plastic cup upon arrival and a beach chair. However a Celebrity ship was also in port and they had arrived sometime before us and taken almost all the sun-beds there were no chairs on the beach.

I had to go in search of sunbeds that had not been taken and drag them to the only shaded area behind all the other sets of sun-beds and parasols. We went snorkeling to discover the underwater was dirty and littered with cans, bottles and paper. Worst still was that there is a raised underwater area that the sea grass grows on. Fun to stand on but beware as there were spiky sea urchins that would really do some damage if you accidently stepped on one.

There was no warning in the bus or at the beach. On the upside the food at the Spice Mill was good. Catamaran to 2 beaches. Have to say a little disappointing. Crew were not so interactive and dumped us at Turners Beach for 1. Not something we have seen before as this type of trip the catamaran usually stays on the beach so that you can leave your bags etc. Lunch was ok but no fruit or deserts offered. Onto Deep Bay Beach where the catamaran did stay with us on the beach.

Summary In summary we have very mixed feelings due to a number of factors that really should be improved.

The accountants have penny pinched to a point that it manifests in the quality and service. Did we enjoy ourselves? Despite the above criticisms we did. The itinerary was good and the Caribbean Islands are wonderful. We ate well in the evenings and enjoyed the sea days. Karen 1 Review Written. Too many people, not enough staff. Sail Date: February Flights on the Dreamliner were excellent. But the ship oh dear! There are too many people crowded into There are too many people crowded into public spaces.