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You’ll find plenty of deals online (and that last longer than the frenzy).

  1. The Best Deals of Black Friday 2018
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Then there are items like laptops, which tend to be at their cheapest when a new school year approaches in September. To make the most of Black Friday deals, you have to prioritize the biggest items on your shopping list, because these are usually the first to sell out.

The Best Deals of Black Friday 2018

You may be eligible to earn extra cash back when you shop at stores that are partnered with your credit card for extra holiday savings. And some cards will actually match your cash back bonus. With an automatic Match on all cash back you earn at the end of your first year as a cardmember, the Discover it Card can help boost your rewards earned from all of your shopping.

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Learn more at Discover. Why spend Black Friday at the shops when you can find the best deals right at home online?

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Skip the queue and avoid the crowds to find incredible deals on everything including clothing and shoes, tools, games consoles, laptops and home goods, all of which we conveniently deliver to your home. Whatever is on your list, Black Friday is the day to buy it. So stop by and we'll be here with great deals! Black Friday marks the start of the festive season, and that means Christmas shopping. Be sure to take advantage of these deals, but you must be quick!

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Some online deals will sell out in seconds and in this case, patience is not a virtue. Skip to main content. Black Friday Sale Thanks for stopping by! While high street shops might not open their doors until after breakfast, online Black Friday deals usually go live at the stroke of midnight. Some shops will offer deals a week or so before Black Friday, so you might not even need to wait for the day. If you're planning on hitting the high street on Black Friday, remember the best deals are likely to be snapped up quickly - especially big-ticket items.

Black Friday Deals: Holiday Online Sales - Microsoft Store

Make a note of opening times for different shops on Black Friday as they may open earlier than usual, and plan which shops you want to visit in order of priority. Historically, Black Friday was for hitting the high street and Cyber Monday was when you could go online for some top deals. Now, more money is spent on the internet than in store on Black Friday, but that doesn't mean you should ignore Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Deals: What To Buy, And Where To Shop Early - TODAY

Some retailers, particularly those focused on computing, will have deals on laptops, desktop PCs, printers and more. If you didn't get the product you wanted on Black Friday then keep checking over the weekend and on Monday to see more deals. If you're planning on braving the high street this Black Friday that doesn't mean you need to neglect the online stores. As long as you have a data connection on your smartphone you can be on Amazon and in Currys at the same time.

Black Friday Sale

Having access to websites means you can reference prices to make sure you're getting the best deal in store. Don't forget that you can use the Which?

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  • Just in case you regret your Black Friday purchase, double-check what the retailer's returns policy is for Black Friday items before you buy. You can only return non-faulty goods for an exchange or refund if the retailer has a returns policy - almost all shops do, but they're not required to by law. If what you've bought is faulty, that's a different matter.

    You have 30 days to reject it and get your money back. Find out more about your rights on Black Friday deals. Don't assume a deal is worth it just because it has a big, attention-grabbing saving. Find out how to check if a Black Friday deal is real. Best Black Friday coffee machines, vacuums and other home products.

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